The Riveras return with a powerful new season fueled with love, drama, madness and LOTS of life changes. Season 4 will find Chiquis putting it all on the line for love but will choosing Lorenzo mean stepping away from her siblings? No matter what, she’s ready to face the rumors and the gossip, even within her own inner circle!

With Jacqie’s divorce behind her it’s time to get busy living and that means recording her first album, chasing her dreams and learning to open her heart to love again, all as a single mom!

Mike’s literally building a life of his own, having found a home to remodel, a new career and possibly a new love!

As Chiquis and Lorenzo take time away from the family, Johnny and Jenicka are trying to “adult” without the motherly advice of their big sis but when they turn Chiquis’ house into a dorm for all their friends, can she really turn a blind eye?  

The Riveras are growing up but they’ll never grow apart! Go behind the headlines and catch up with your favorite Mexican family and discover where life takes them next.