Exatlon is a reality performance show where two teams of athletic contestants compete at different challenges. Every day, they will be confronted with the challenges of specially designed obstacle courses. Exatlon is a team-oriented competition, but at the same time, it’s crucial for the individual contestants to perform at their highest level. Only that way, can they secure their position within their team since, gradually over the course of the series, contestants will be eliminated.

Personal physical performances are very important to stay in the game. Therefore, the cast is composed of contestants who are former sports professionals or simply people with strong physical skills. Next to the physical aspects, Exatlon contains all the “classic” reality ingredients. The teams not only compete amongst each other but within the teams; they also must live together. The living conditions are part of the competition. Every day, the two opposing teams compete to earn good living conditions, to win bonuses, to earn points and to avoid elimination.

Before a challenge game starts, it is critical that each team selects their very best players to perform that certain game. Next, every player has the right to decide which specific player from the opposing team he/she will compete against. So, it is not only a competition of individual performances, but also of team strategy. It’s a way to keep up the strength of the team and to undermine the other team as much as possible.

The first performance game of each week usually determines under which living conditions the teams will spend the next few days. The winning team will stay at the Fortaleza (Camp Extra) where the conditions are much better than at the Cabaña (Camp Standard) where only very basic conditions are provided. Other games have various goals, including earning money to spend at the market, at a restaurant or other facilities; perks, such as a phone call home, a trip, etc.
Once a week, individual contestants will also compete for bonuses. The winner wins something special that he/she can share with the rest of the team. While the performance of the winner will contribute to his/her personal ranking, he/she also gains respect and sympathy from his/her team members.

Once a week, teams will compete for survival. This game will determine which team will face elimination. After the survival game is completed, the players of the losing team will have to face internal elimination in order to stay in the competition. At the end of the series, the winner will take home the grand prize of $200,000.