When little chihuahua Reilly suffers a broken leg after a great fall, Dr. Devon Boyd determines that the only way to put him together again is with surgery. Can Dr. Boyd install such a tiny plate in Reilly’s wrist, or are his bones too small to maneuver? Then, Honey the bulldog comes to the V.E.C. looking for relief from the entropion plaguing her eyes. Dr. Heather Gray hopes she can help Honey see things more clearly. Later, the back legs of an aging pup named Sylvester are becoming unresponsive, and neurologist Dr. Debbie James has trouble diagnosing the issue. Is cautionary medication the answer, or will Sylvester need risky spinal surgery?


On today’s episode of Earth Odyssey, we head to the Pantanal region of South America. The Pantanal is the biggest wetland on earth, but we begin with the animal that has more species than any other creature in the region: birds. Parakeets and parrots make their nests in the cliffs and trees, away from predators. But that doesn’t mean that they are totally safe. Predators hunt for prey all over the Pantanal, and predators even hunt for each other. We’ll see an epic showdown of power between a jaguar and a crocodile. We will then explore the circle of life that happens between the animals and locals in the beautiful South American region. From crocodiles to parrots, many different animals benefit from the relationship between the ranchers and their cattle. We then head back to the wetlands where crocs lay out in the sun next to storks, parakeets and a variety of different birds.


On today’s Earth Odyssey, we head to South America where the region of Patagonia hosts a variety of different animals. We start on the colder side of the region where penguins rule the land. There are millions of penguins here that almost outnumber the humans that live in Patagonia. We then visit another animal who hangs out in the water, the beaver. Its dams are spread across the region and will often affect the lives and homes of the local birds. The woodpecker is among the birds affected by the amount of beaver dams. We’ll explore a day in the life of these woodpeckers to get a better understanding of their habits. We then head to the glaciers and ice fields that host a wide range of creatures. From flamingos to guanacos to pumas, these ice fields have some of the most diverse wildlife in Patagonia. We will then meet the people who live there, and explore their relationship with wild, as well as tamed horses.


On today's episode of The Champion Within, host Lauren Thompson takes us through some of the most inspirational stories in the world of sports. Like our first story about a hockey team that's made up of athletes in their 70s. The Bald Eagles show that there is no age limit to having fun playing sports with your friends. We then head to the gridiron and meet someone leading the charge in changing the perception of female presence in sports. Katie Sowers has lived and breathed football her whole life, and her coaching and leadership ability has landed her a job as an NFL assistant coach. She's also leading as an example for more gender diversity in the world of a male-dominated sport. We then see the power of sports in the touching story of Shane Caldwell. Shane battled cancer for years, but that never stopped him from living his life to the absolute fullest. His story is an inspiration for not just sports fans, but for everyone.


Today on Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dreyer takes us on a journey to South America to the dense and crowded Amazon Rainforest. On this adventure, we will follow the sound of red howler monkeys that leads us high up in the canopy. Then we march down to the forest floor to get a closer look at a colony of army ants. These aren’t the only small insects that we will see down below. We will also examine the relationship between wasps and tadpoles, as well as check out the daily activities of flies and stick ticks. After we are finished with the forest floor, we head back up to the trees where a harpy eagle is on the prowl for its next meal. This time, monkeys are on the menu, but are the monkeys quick enough to get away from this hungry harpy eagle? Plus, we head across the canopy to catch a glimpse of a slow-moving sloth.



In today's episode of The Champion Within, host Lauren Thompson introduces us to some of the most inspiring stories in the world of sports. We begin in the pool with Brad Snyder. Snyder lost his vision while serving in the military oversees, but he would not let this disability change his life. He found the confidence of his new normal as a swimmer, and now competes on the world stage. We then meet two young golfers, Bella Leonhart and Ryder Carlson, who will go out of their way to play golf, no matter the circumstances. We then hit the links with Mackenzie McRee, who fought through injury and bullying to become a great and happy golfer. Mackenzie suffered from scoliosis, which prevented her from playing the game she loved. After bullying from kids at school because of her condition, she forged on and came out the other side a better golfer. Plus, we take the track with Joey Logano and find out how his foundation is changing the lives of so many people.


When young French bulldog Spartacus breaks his leg, it’s up to Dr. Devon Boyd and her surgical team to get him back on his paws. If Spartacus’s short snout will allow him to receive anesthesia, can Dr. Boyd reattach the tiny broken bone without interfering with his growing body? Then, Timmy the poodle requires anesthesia to undergo a dental procedure. In this case, Dr. Sharon French needs to attend to Timmy’s apparent gum disease. Later, an aging chihuahua named Peewee is to be a guest of honor at his owner’s destination wedding, but his congestive heart failure and anxiety could keep him grounded from the necessary plane ride. With a thorough examination, Dr. Regan Williams hopes to provide Peewee with flight clearance.


Burger the dachshund has developed back pain when touched. It’s up to Dr. Debbie James to diagnose the problem as soon as possible and get Burger into surgery to prevent paralysis in his hind legs. Meanwhile, Abbie the collie gets referred to dentist Dr. Sharon French to figure out why her gums would be growing over her teeth at such a young age. Upon closer inspection, Dr. French finds that there may be more than one issue. Later, an older ferret named Jet has contracted influenza and is brought to Dr. Barbara Bryer for help. She finds that a nebulizer treatment may be just what he needs to recover.


On today’s episode of Earth Odyssey, host Dylan Dryer takes us on an adventure to Thailand where we meet an array of exotic creatures. We begin with exploring the vast fields where local hog deer graze. But it’s not always a safe meal for these deer, as they become the target for Indochinese tigers. We then head to the forest and see some of the world’s most fascinating and oldest trees, which are home to all different types of monkeys. Gibbons and macaques live side by side in the canopy but have some unfriendly neighbors to deal with. We then head to the Kra Isthmus where we’ll run into some incredible creatures who call the cave home.