Season 5 consists of 8 one-hour episodes. The show will air on Wednesdays at 10p/1a ET.

All programming subject to change.

About "Jay Leno’s Garage”

“Jay Leno’s Garage” takes fast and furious car fans for a high-octane spin across the country with a mix of stunts, reviews, celebrity interviews and challenges. As well as putting some of the world’s most amazing vehicles through their paces, Jay meets fellow car enthusiasts from whom he’ll discover the touching, hilarious and sometimes hard-to-believe stories that make these cars more than just rubber and metal. There’s no wheel Jay won’t get behind to tell the story of our love affair with the automobile.

Wednesday, 08/28/19 at 10PM ET/PT: JAY LENO’S GARAGE #501 (P): TOUGH ENOUGH

In this episode, Jay Leno explores some of the world’s toughest vehicles. First, he takes comedian Kevin Hart on a near-deadly ride in one of the most outrageous off-road vehicles in the world. Then, he puts Storm-chaser Reed Timmer’s “Dominator” stormproof vehicle to the test against a jet airplane. Later, he meets some off the toughest drivers in the world— injured veterans who use high-speed racing as rehabilitation. And finally, Jay pushes the world’s fastest armored car -- and himself -- to the limit.

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